Green Your Lawn Up without Burning It

Master Nursery Iron Plus contains iron plus other micronutrients combined with humic acids designed by nature to green up your lawn without the risk of burning it in the summer heat. It contains no nitrogen, so it will not stimulate fast new growth requiring mowing and watering; it will, however, make it healthier and greener for your summer enjoyment. As with any product application, be sure your lawn has been watered recently, and do not apply in the heat of the day.

Iron Plus can also be used to green up citrus trees, and acid-loving ornamentals such as camellias, azaleas and gardenias when they are showing sign of chlorosis, a nutrient deficiency. Iron helps make other nutrients more available for plant absorption. Unlike many iron products, Iron Plus is long-lasting and it will not stain cement.

Protect Your Home from FIRE!

Homeowners can now better protect their homes and property from wildfire. Phos-Chek Home Defense, an uncolored version of the same fire retardant used by the USDA Forest Service, is now available to homeowners. Home Defense can be sprayed using most simple garden sprayers. Home Defense is a concentrate that easily mixes with water.

Used along with Firewise principles, Phos-Chek Home Defense can significantly increase your home’s safety during a wildfire. The product is safe and effective when used properly.